Rachel Kolisi Claps Back After Blacklash For Straightening Daughter's Hair

H for Hectic!

By  | Apr 18, 2020, 09:25 AM  | Rachel Kolisi  | Drama

Rachel Kolisi has been keeping a low profile ever since the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Maybe it's been too long because trolls have already forgotten that Rachel is the queen of clap-backs and is not shy in dealing with unruly followers. 

Recently the mother of two posted a picture of her hugging her daughter which was well and good, what rubbed the followers the wrong way was the daughter's long straight her which is a departure from her usual curls. The caption was: 

She finally let me straighten her hair 😍

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One troll who was clearly asking for it commented that Rachel's next post about her daughter would be : "my daughter let me use skin lightning cream on her skin to see which complexion she prefers"

Rachel was quick to put her in her place. "Really? Have you seen your profile pic?" 

We are not laughing, you are! 

Some went as far as telling her how to parent and how to treat her daughter's hair.

Rachel explained why she had done it and told the follower to mind her own business. "I wanted to see what MY daughters hair looks like straight. Also. If she loves her hair straight, curly, braided or bald. that’s completely up to her. It’s certainly non of your business."

 Another troll who was clearly a sucker for punishment as well felt it was all "just wrong" and that Rachel was forcing her preferences on her daughter.

Rachel had time because she was reply to each and every troll with the quickness. "This is a genuine question. Can you please explain how straightening my daughters hair for the first time ever is making her feel that straight hair is more beautiful then her curls?

A word to the wise? Don't mess with Rachel Kolisi. 

Main Image Credit: womenandhome.co.za