Reason's R100k Humblebrag Didn't Impress Twitter

He should have taken the money!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Reason  | Drama

Reason revealed that he had turned down R100,000 to record a verse for a rapper who he described as "wack" but let's just say that the moral of this story didn't land as he had intended...

It was just another day on the timeline when the father of twins took to Twitter to remind us that his life was very different to ours. Reason, whose real name is Sizwe Moeketsi, revealed that he had been offered a very large sum of money to lend his talents to another rapper's songs. The only problem is that Reason isn't really a fan of the unnamed rapper and he decided to turn the offer down.

Reason explained:

"Sometimes I wish I was a greedy bastard hey. Some dude offered me 100k for a verse. He’s wack af. The song is wack af. But the hunna... would be delicious. And my dumb ass bouta say no cause I have “morals” and “standards”. "

While he might have expected people to laud him for making a decision based on those "morals" and "standards", the actual reality is that more people were suggesting that he take the money, including Sizwe Dhlomo. The media mogul and broadcaster wrote back:

Meanwhile, Reason's other followers were also less than impressed with his decision, with many urging that he should have accepted the offer and given constructive criticism in return:

While we have no clues as to who the rapper might have been, we wonder if Reason might consider changing his stance/mindset after seeing some of the comments that were sent his way.

Do you believe that Reason should have taken the moral high ground here, as he tweeted? Or should he have given the "other" rapper a chance to improve and learn from one of South Africa's greatest rappers?

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