Rethabile Khumalo Embroiled In 50K Dispute

The singer responded to the allegations

By  | Aug 02, 2021, 02:56 PM  | Rethabile Khumalo  | Drama

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Umlilo vocalist, Rethabile Khumalo has found herself in trouble with well-known designer Quiteria Kekana.

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The singer is said to have failed to return a dress that costs R50 000 after she had hired it from the designer. According to Quiteria’s personal assistant Slindile Ngcobo, who spoke to Sunday World, Rethabile had also bought another dress for R20 000.

"Had this been someone else, a Versace on Louis V, people would run to return the dresses because they fear lawsuits, taking advantage of a sick person is unfair. Quiteria has had to give up his home and move back home to keep the studio and raise funds for his medication, the least people can do is pay for the garments they used and if they cannot afford to, they can return them. It’s really just the right thing to do,” said Ngcobo.

The Ntyilo Ntyilo hit-maker, in response to these allegations, said that she will be seeing the celebrity designer soon.

"I really don’t need drama right now. I am going through my own things and I know Quiteria is battling with his health, but I will go and see him,” she was quoted as saying.

Quiteria's designs have been worn by famous names, some as big as Beyoncé when she performed at the Global Citizen in 2018. He designed her final outfit together with his former partner George, and it was a breathtaking green dress.

Last month, Quiteria opened up about being diagnosed with Cancer in April: “Many people know it as the Kahler’s disease, but multiple myeloma is basically cancer that forms in a type of white blood cell called a plasma cell. Cancerous plasma cells accumulate in the bone marrow and crowd the healthy blood cells and produce abnormal proteins that can cause complications."

What caused him to learn about his diagnosis is truly appalling. The famous designer reportedly found out about his cancer diagnosis after the whole fat shaming drama with comedian Lesego Thlabi AKA Coconut Kelz debacle. These accusations lead to numerous threats from people on social media and his health took a huge knock.

He said the threats were traumatic and put a strain on his health. He also felt he needed to clarify that the incident did not cause his cancer, however he got stressed to the point that he noticed some skin patches and inflammation in various parts of his body.

“If it wasn’t for someone saying I fat-shamed them I wouldn’t have probably found out at this stage that I had Multiple Myeloma. The trauma I got from being attacked and threatened put a strain on my health.

“The cancer was not caused by that, but the attacks affected my health immensely. I was stressed. I developed skin patches and lost energy, I was fatigued, and my body couldn’t take the stress. I experienced inflammation in different parts of my body.”

The designer who is reportedly undergoing chemotherapy had also said he was struggling financially as a result of the medical bills. He said his friends chipped in to help and he had to sell some of his personal belongings to help keep his business afloat.

“Friends have assisted in paying some of my medical bills. I’ve managed to sell some of my belongings to keep the store and studio open until I get better,” he revealed.

He later revealed that he was receiving help from a foundation called Endless Hope Butterfly. They have set up a fund for the designer so that he can receive donations from people willing to help.

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