This Is Why Rouge Didn't Ask Terry For A Pic!


By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:42 PM  | Rouge  | Drama

Many might have an over the top, or even unreal perception about their favourite celebrities, but we ought to remain cognisant of the fact that they too are merely human like the rest of us.

In as much as celebrities are usually fawned over and highly admired by the masses, they also go gaga over fellow celebrities!

Multiple award-winning rapper and television presenter, Rouge and internationally acclaimed actress, Terry Pheto unexpectedly crossed paths, but the moment was too dazey that they forgot to capture it.

When Terry expressed her joy of meeting Rouge but kicked herself for not snapping away,  the Mbongo-Zaka hit-maker confessed that she also wanted to take a picture with Terry, but she legit feared coming across as a groupie.

Check out the sweet exchange between Terry and Rouge on Twitter.
Well next time, these two talented ladies will surely do the right thing!

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@rouge