Sarah Langa's Prayer For Toxic People In Her Life

New year, New energy, New friendships?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Sarah Langa  | Drama

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Influencer and blogger Sarah Langa has said her 2020 vision prayer and we are here for it! The influencer who has accomplished a lot of things in her life is probably left with one thing in her 2020 bucket list and that is to get rid of all the toxic energy around her life.

I mean when 2019 ended, we all bid farewell to all the negativity in our lives and in 2020 we all want the 'same birds of a feather flock together' approach right? Clearly Sarah Langa wants that too and she does not want anyone to dampen her mood as she is focused on slaying.

In a tweet, the influencer said she prays God can save her from all the negative people around her life "I pray that the Almighty Allah/ God saves me from toxic people this year. I want to be free from toxic situations that don’t contribute to my growth and my wellbeing. I’m am so tired of having to deal with toxicity, my door is wide open for love and nothing else!" she said.

Sarah also gave women a lecture on not inviting toxic people into their lives. She added that if a person who has hurt someone before comes into your life, they will absolutely hurt you too.

We do not know if the ladies needed to hear this one but sis has spoken.

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