Savita Mbuli receives death threat

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Savita Mbuli  | Drama

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Sunday World reports have revealed that Savita Mbuli, the wife of the late Vuyo Mbuli, has received death threats from and unidentified man who called Savita confessing that he planned to “take her out”.

Rowen Baird who is the family spokeswoman had this to say about the ordeal:

“An unknown man called Savita and told her that he was hired to kill her. He did not say who hired him,” confirming that Savita and her family was under threat.

It’s alleged that the threat came right after Savita revealed to newspapers that her late husband had a maximum of eighteen girlfriends.  Clearly the revelation of Mbuli’s girlfriends did not sit well with someone who is now hungry for Savita’s blood.

After the threat the family immediately opened a case of conspiracy murder at the Norwood, Johannesburg police station.

Police spokesman Richard Munyami confirmed the rumours. 

“Somebody from Durban called her and said he was hired to kill her. We are taking the matter seriously.”

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