Chicco Twala on his son Longwe: I don't care about my son

Chicco Twala has done yet another radio interview in defense of his fire-arm

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Sello "Chicco" Twala  | Drama

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Chicco Twala

And in this case, he has become brutally honest about his thoughts about his son - Longwe Twala.

During an interview on Power FM with Thabiso Thema, Chicco again wanted to make it clear that he agreed to do a second interview on radio as he wanted to clear his name and to also demystify the allegations that it was his firearm that killed Senzo Meywia.

In the early parts of the interview, Chicco made it clear that he was not in his son's corner

"What made me come here is that I wanted to defend the issue of my firearm. I don't care about my son, I'll be honest with you I don't care and I want to tell South Africans who are attacking me, I will never defend a murderer. If my son is a murderer he must face the might of the law, I will never risk my reputation, what I worked for in this country, to protect a murderer." Said Chicco.

Twala then went on to say that it is the people who were in the house the day Senzo got shot that need to tell the police what happened on that day.

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"Kelly Khumalo, Zandie Khumalo - Kelly's sister, Kelly's mom, Longwe - my son, Tumelo, who is Senzo's childhood friend & a guy called Mthokozisi Twala who's related to Mandisa - Senzo's wife. They must tell the police what happened on that day because they were there, all of them they must actually come out. If Longwe or Kelly pulled the trigger, these six people, all of them, they know who pulled the trigger, they know who killed Senzo."

Chicco was asked why Kelly called him, and Chicco responded that it was because his son was there and that he knew Senzo very well as Senzo used to visit his studio with Kelly at times.

Chicco again mentioned that he did not care if his son goes to jail should he be the one found guilty. Chicco also said that Longwe is a drug addict and that before Senzo passed on he was clean but after Senzo's death he went back to using drugs.

"My son is a drug addict, prior to Senzo being killed, my son was in Elim clinic, I took him out from Elim clinic, he was now starting to repent. He was ok when he fell in love with Zandie but after the Senzo murder, he went back to drugs. You know with people like him there is a lot of son, I don't want to defend him. If he has killed Senzo, it will be the shock of my life." Said Chicco.

Chicco says he does not buy the story of the robbery.

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