WATCH: Sho Madjozi Teaches WWE Wrestlers 'John Cena' Dance Moves

Some wanna act tough like John Cena

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Sho Madjozi  | Drama

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Award-winning musician Sho Madjozi is a known die-hard wrestling fan, she even made a song that mentions famous wrestler John Cena.

The John Cena hitmaker now has been featured in a WWE advert, taking to Instagram, Sho Madjozi shared the advert with her fans and followers.

The advert starts off with Sho Madjozi and her on-screen family sitting in the lounge and her grandmother channel surfs looking for something to watch.

Once the grandmother gets to the WWE channel, all of a sudden the house begins to shake and real-life wrestlers make a surprise entry into the house.

The family then finds themselves in a wrestling ring at the WWE arena, getting a front-row seat to all the wrestling action. Just as the wrestlers are about to start fighting the Huku hitmaker screams Haibo and recites her famous John Cena lyrics.

The advert sees Sho break into dance mood along with the WWE wrestlers.
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Photo credit: Instagram @shomadjozi

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