Simphiwe Dana Breaths Huge Sigh Of Relief

This after her car got stolen

By  | Nov 08, 2021, 04:44 PM  | Simphiwe Dana  | Drama

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Simphiwe Dana is breathing a huge sigh of relief after her stolen car got recovered. She sparked some outrage when she shared images of the suspected perpetrators and the insults came flying when people realized that they might have been foreign nationals. 

Simphiwe revealed that her car a black Chevrolet SUV got stolen on Friday at a panel beaters. She alleged that a worker at the panel beaters called Dandy Panel beaters was behind this theft.

She also revealed their names as Andre Machava and Den Machava. Revealing that she has found the car, Simphiwe said the thieves got scared so they probably returned it. The car tracking company did not help her at all so she had to take to social media for help. Responding to her on social media, the company said “Good evening, please be advised that a consultant will contact you to assist with your query. ^KM.”

"I believe it was the power of social media that scared the thieves into abandoning my car. When their names and faces were everywhere, maybe they freaked out. So thank you for spreading the word. Nangamso," she wrote. 

Simphiwe then added that she bought a Chevrolet because it is not one of the cars thieves jump to steal, as their parts are probably not in demands, "Oh plus the fact, who steals a Chevrolet? I bought this car because I heard car thieves aren’t interested in it." 
Some people though did not buy Simphiwe's hijacking story because many are assuming it was  a way to draw attention to her as she is about to host a concert. An Evening With Simphiwe Dana will be taking place on September 12 and her fans have already started buying her tickets showing support.

Not feeling sorry for Simphiwe was a tweep who said; "Simphiwe Dana was leading a March against "Xenophobia" fighting to keep illegal foreigners in the country. Today Mozambique Foreigners stole her car and she's asking us to retweet."

Another said, "Today Simphiwe Dana will know the  pain & how it feels to be survivor outside High Electricity Fence in secured Estate, SA'ns daily are exposed to Car Hijackers, Syndicates etc. by illegal immigrants, but the Minute we speak about this her likes (classism) dismiss it to Xenophobia!"

A few months back, Simphiwe lost her mother. "Our wonderful mother, MamJoli, left us earlier today. We are wounded, but grateful for the grace with which she raised us and all her other adopted children. Please hold us in prayer," she pleaded.

Last year, Dana revealed that she was battling COVID-19 but was taking care at her home. She was a retired nurse who did not want to let go of her calling as she went back to work at an old age home.

"My mom has been diagnosed with the corona virus She is a retired nurse who went back to work for an old age home because nursing is her calling. She is recovering at home and seems to be ok. She has diabetes. Still I will have faith she will pull through," she said at the time.

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