Jub Jub's Near-Death Experience With COVID-19

"I had the most devastating experience of my life"

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For months, loyal viewers of Uyajola 9/9 have been asking questions about Jub Jub's sudden weight loss which can been seen in the current episodes of the much-loved cheating show.

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The Ndikhokhele hit-maker has taken to his Instagram Live to thank his fans for all the support and essentially warn them about the coronavirus, which he says he vontractef last year while shooting his other show You Promised To Marry Me on the same channel, Moja Love.

Jub Jub, in a lengthy video, explained to his fans that talking about the situation was very hard and being in it was worse. He told them that he did not want for them to know about this or to see me in that condition. He also explained how devastating it was for everybody who was close to me at that time.

“In 2020, November, I was in Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha). I was shooting You Promised To Marry Me. I had the most devastating experience of my life, I never thought I would go through that. So in 2020 I got f*cked up by Covid-19. And you guys saw me and after that started wondering ukuthi why have I lost so much weight."

He went on to explain that at the time his producer helped him and took him to the clinic. Explaining his symptoms he said: “When I got medication, I felt dizzy, like my body was like heating up. And this was before Delta."

Jub jub also added that he was struggling to breathe,  but had to maintain his posture for his team's sake because they would have panicked.

He went on to warn his fans about the pandemic, urging them not to take it lightly. He explained that at first he thought that because he was taking his vitamins regularly and following regulations he would be safe, but he had a near-death experience at his hotel room, so much so that he was afraid to sleep because he was not sure if he'd wake up again.

"The fact of the matter is I never thought ukuthi izong'bamba [that I would get infected] but in my job that I'm supposed to make South African happy in, I got it.  And when I got it I was shut down for a good two weeks. With me being shut down for two weeks, I was going through HELL! I was going through hell and it wasn't the best of times at all," he said on his Instagram Live.

The Uyajola 9/9 presenter also urged fans to stay at home and stick to lockdown regulations. He also told his friends that he will not be availing himself for any braais or get-togethers because he does not want to go down that painful road again.

Encouraging those who are currently affected and infected with the virus, he told them not to give up but to, instead, have a strong mindset and believe that we will all get through these dark covid times.

Watch the full video below.

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