"Hip-hop has damaged a lot of us males" - Scoop Makhathini

We never thought Scoop would utter such words

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Siyabonga "Scoop Makhathini" Ngwekazi  | Drama

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Scoop raised a lot of eyebrows with his recent comment about the state of hip-hop music and how it has become instrumental in damaging people's lives. 

We're not sure where his opinion stems from, but as a staunch hip-hop listener, Scoop surprised many by admitting that this particular genre of music and culture has had a negative impact in the lives of a lot of men.

However many of the tweeps were not of the same view as Scoop and they said that the genre connects with the people and it damaged no one.

One disgruntled tweep responded to Scoop's comment by saying: "Stop speaking nonsense. People make their own choices." 

While another person responded by defending the genre and explaining that hip-hop is merely art imitating life:

"Hip-hop has damaged no one. Hip-hop merely reflects society, like any other art form. We love it because it connects with us, it connects with us because we relate to it, we relate to it because we live/lived it. The real culprits damaging us males seem to get away scot-free."

On the other hand, some people agreed with Scoop's views, saying that hip-hop music was causing a lot of crime to be committed whilst some regarded the genre as an outrage to God. Yikes, that's a bit extreme.

Here are a few comments by those who agreed with Scoop.

"He is right. Hip Hop and a lot of mainstream music is an abomination before the Holy God. Mainstream movies, reality shows, drama, included. All such mislead society in many ways - speech, conduct, and dress code."

"This is so true, our perspective on relationships/equating thugging with being a real man, and not appreciating the guy who wakes up every day to do a regular 9 to 5 and taking care of his family."

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