Tweeps Divided Over Sizwe's Innocence

The plot thickens

By  | Nov 27, 2021, 09:33 AM  | Sizwe Dhlomo  | Drama

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Not long ago City Press reported that Unathi Nkayi had been fired from Kaya 959 following a heated argument with her former colleague, Sizwe Dhlomo. 

What seemed to have stuck out the most during the altercation was when Unathi allegedly claimed that Sizwe had verbally abused her. It was later found out that Sizwe had in fact never  verbally abused Unathi and that is when the Idol SA judge lost her job. 

The incident which has bled on for weeks now, has thickened even further after Unathi took to her Instagram to reveal that she had been silenced by Kaya FM and that she had never mentioned anything about Sizwe having verbally abused her. At this point, it seems the country is still divided on who to believe.

For Sizwe, let’s just say that things are not looking so good on his end. He also recently took to his Twitter account to share the recording of the altercation that many had not listened to.

If you can remember, the said recording was what had landed Unathi in hot soup after it was found out that Sizwe had never really verbally abused her. With the recording now made available to the public, it seems tweeps have now decided to look at the incident with an entirely new mindset.

Sizwe who has since also shared the screenshots of emails that were sent during the incident, still insists that Unathi is “a habitual liar” and that he intends to deal with each lie step by step. The media personality also claims that he has more evidence to prove that he was in no way wrong and that Unathi should pay for what she did.

In response, tweeps have decided to take it upon themselves to make sense out of the situation, with many of them asking why Sizwe had to make the whole incident blow up in the way it did. According to tweeps, Sizwe should have simply apologised for being late and that they should have been able to solve the matter without having it lead to a termination of contract for Unathi.

For some, they are still on Sizwe’s side, claiming that Unathi’s reaction was uncalled for. Unathi, who had also mentioned that Sizwe had made a joke about her being divorced, was an incident, according to Sizwe, that had in fact happened 3 months prior to the altercation.


Tweeps are therefore conflicted as to why Unathi had to make that an issue when it clearly had no direct relation to the current situation.

Tweeps are also calling for Sizwe to simply drop the whole issue and forgive what needs to be forgiven. That however is not an option for Sizwe, and neither is it for Unathi, who claimed that the two are not friends and are not in any communication whatsoever.

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