Tweeps Bring Unathi To Her Knees

Will she ever recover from this?

By  | Nov 22, 2021, 10:36 AM  | Unathi Nkayi  | Drama

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Following the firing of Unathi Nkayi from Kaya FM, tweeps have been in a frenzy after the truth finally came out of the real reason Nkayi was given the boot. Sizwe Dhlomo who had allegedly abused Unathi verbally, finally broke silence to give his own side of the story and now, tweeps have decided Unathi will not know peace.

For tweeps to find out that Unathi wrongly accused Sizwe of abusing her has simply sent them on a rampage. Twitter user @ChrisExcel120 led by stating that, after the truth on Unathi being revealed, they are not looking forward to hearing anything the Idols SA judge will ever say, especially during the Idols SA competitions.

Aggravated, they also went ahead to add that, Sizwe's story is just proof that in order for a man to be believed there needs to be a recording or evidence of some kind, but for a woman it only takes one word for the whole world to believe her. Unathi is definitely not a favourite for many right now.

Tweeps continue to ask what would have happened if the recording of Unathi and Sizwe was not discovered. Would this have meant that Sizwe would have lost his job out of false accusations?

It is not clear why Unathi decided to exaggerate the events that happened that day at the office, but for tweeps, they are clearly not happy with what the Idols SA judge did to Sizwe. Let's have a look at other reactions from tweeps.

After Unathi was fired from Kaya, many of her fans were concerned about what this development would mean for her career moving forward. It was therefore quite a pleasant surprise for Nkayi’s fans when she announced that she was focusing on making music, and that she and acclaimed DJ Prince Kaybee were working on a single together.

As for Sizwe, tweeps are happy to see that even despite Unathi’s misguided allegations, his career remains intact and now more than ever, fans are ready to rally behind him despite what happens.

Much is yet to be said about his working relationship with Unathi and whether or not the two of them will mend this hitch in their relationship.

This comes just a few months after Sizwe landed his first gig at Kaya FM where he has been hosting the afternoon show-drive show doing what he does best.

To that end, Sizwe clearly remains a favorite to many on the airwaves where he discusses current affairs and many more. We can only hope that he will put all this behind him and resume doing the great job he does.

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