Kaya 959 Gives Unathi Nkayi The Boot

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Unathi Nkayi has been given the boot at Kaya 959 effective immediately. Unathi who hosted the Midday Joy at the radio station had her contracted terminated due to reasons which the radio station cannot discuss at this point.

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According to a statement released on their website, Kaya 959 states that there have been a number of occurrences which took place, resulting in their relationship with Unathi getting strained.

"Ms. Nkayi’s contract has ended prematurely due to certain conduct that rendered the relationship intolerable going forward. Kaya 959 can confirm that certain incidents had occurred, which resulted in the breakdown of the trust relationship between the two parties.

"The business can further confirm that due process was followed and the decision was therefore made to part ways with Ms. Nkayi," reads a part of their statement.

The company suggests that they had a conversation about this and this was the best solution going forward, "The station would prefer not to be drawn into a debate around the details of what transpired in the interest of both parties. Safe to state that Ms. Nkayi’s version of events have been carefully considered and unfortunately found wanting."

They further added that her replacement will be announced in due course. Read the full statement here.

One of Unathi's achievements at the station is being the first presenter to interview Prince Kaybee. In the interview, Prince promised t come back so he can spend more time with Unathi.

They spoke about his career and nothing about him being a father again. How juicy would that have been. 

Prince said he is hungry for more and that he is growing tired of gigging in the same areas locally. He stated that he is more concerned of his repetitive schedule, saying he wants more.

"There's a lot I need to achieve so I wouldn't say 'accomplished'. It feels like I am doing the same thing over and over. You just struggle to get out of the circle of your local support and love, which you need to grow from."

"As far as that is concerned it worries me, but I guess bigger things will happen next year," he said. 

Unathi Nkayi also suffered a few terrible ordeals in the past few weeks. First she got assaulted by a taxi driver and she documented that on her Instagram account.

"WHAT we deal with as South African WOMEN!!!!!" an emotional Unathi stated. "He bumps my car, shouts at me to intimidate me. When that doesn’t work he repeatedly puts his hands on me. When that doesn’t work he flees. BUT the other men trying to diffuse the situation ALSO think it’s okay TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ME. Happy Women’s Month ladies. PS I’m fine. Will open up a hit and run case. WOAW South Africa. WOAW," she captioned her posts.

She posted a number of videos where she and the said taxi driver arguing and shouting at one another, exchanging heated words. The man repeatedly laid hands on her and called her names.

A livid Unathi warns the man to not touch her and said the man was driving on the wrong side of the road. She then asked the man to pay for her car and requested for his ID number but he refused.

Another thing Unathi had to go through was having her IG hacked. Her images got removed and were filled with IG logos. Her bio was even changed to, "Official Instagram Help Team. If there is an important development about your account, you will be notified through this channel."

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