Mohale Sets The Record Straight About His Personality

Mohale is not here to play!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Somhale  | Drama

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All-round TV and media personality, Mohale Motaung has finally set the records straight about his personality.

The actor and model has, on several occasions, set tongues wagging for seemingly being odd and allegedly lacking affection towards his husband Somizi Mhlongo.

The public has often lambasted him and questioned his authenticity romantically with Somizi. Some even say he’s interested in the opulence lifestyle and materialistic things rather than love for his partner. 

But on several occasions now, Somizi has had to rubbish reports that Mohale often looks disinterested and explained that sometimes Mohale is just in a timid mood. In a tweet, Mohale recently opened up about his personality. He says his personality often confuses may people. 

‘My personality confuses a lot of people. I enjoy being alone, but I’m very outgoing and social. My environment dictates how I behave. Sometimes I’m loud, sometimes quiet. I read the energy and adjust. Sometimes I just want to turn up and sometimes I just need a book and alone time."

So stop back lashing Mohale because many tweeps resonate with his statement and they believe they are birds of a feather.

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