Somizi Turns The Other Cheek

He won't be going back and forth this year

By  | Jan 07, 2022, 03:13 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama

Image of Somizi
Many different rumours have been going around about Somizi Mhlongo, and now the actor and choreography comes forth to address them all at once. 
Somizi is an undisputed ray of sunshine on social media, and we wonder what some of us would do online if his account were to be deactivated. Of course, this sometimes comes with its fair share of drama and controversy. 

The year is only seven days in, but he has already had enough drama to last three months. His name has been the talk of the country, first when he posted a nude picture of himself then took it down soon after -- but not before social media sleuths had captured screenshots of it. The picture trended online for days, even becoming a meme for Sarafina 2, featuring the burning parliament building that was making headlines at the same time. 

Shortly after, rumours emerged that he had found a new beau, called Lindile. Naturally, his fans and followers were excited for him as it was proof that he is finally moving on from his broken marriage with Mohale Motaung
The excitement did not last long, as it was soon alleged that the actor's new bae was present at his wedding with Mohale, pointing to shady business between the two of them in private. Many thought that it was a sign of disrespect for his estranged husband to be dating his best friend's ex boyfriend, as it is much too close to home. 

In the midst of all the drama, fans noticed that Somizi was suspiciously quiet. He offered no responses or clarification on all the allegations. That is until now. 

He recently took to Instagram with a video to address all the things being said about him. He said that in 2022, he has no intention of going back and forth with people trying to clarify things they are saying about him. Whether or not people believe the rumours is on them, and he will no longer bother explaining anything to people who are only looking for drama and gossip. 

The actor has been applauded for the maturity in his decision to keep silent. Oftentimes when celebrities try to defend themselves and "clarify" stories being told about them, they accidentally make it all worse by further incriminating themselves. 
This is exactly what happened with actress Natasha Thahane, when she accidentally spilled on Podcast and Chill with MacG, that she had received a R1 Million scholarship from the Department of Sports and Culture, by using her connections to Mam Baleka. 

As she later came forward to try to clear her name, she made it worse, as now tweeps believe she tried to lie to cover up the corruption. It didn't end well for her, and social media users are still calling for her to explain the R1 Million more clearly. 
This is a great decision for Somizi, and we can't wait to see him walking in the calm that it will bring him to simply ignore all the drama. Get it king! 

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