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Somizi's hit show makes a comeback

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Living The Dream With Somizi is reportedly making a comeback and this time with a few changes. Fans have been wanting Somizi Mhlongo's reality show to make a come back, especially with all the drama that kept following the flamboyant media personality in the year that was. 

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According to Phil Mphela, Somizi's hit reality show, Living The Dream, is back with a new season. But Legend Manqele, who owns Bar Leader, will no longer be handling the production side of things which is kind of expected for various reasons.

For starters, Legend Manqele conducted a "confidential" interview with Somizi's then husband Mohale Motaung, for the Living The Dream With Somizi diary sessions. The audio which is believed to have been recorded during the beginning of their marriage, got leaked and many fingers pointed at Legend Manqele.

Mzansi assumed he is the one who leaked it with malicious intentions but he since denied those rumours. He told TrueLove, “I have no idea who would do something like this,” said the Bar Leader CEO. “This is not how I do things, and I always try as best as I can to protect my peace. I was also shocked when I discovered that the recording had been leaked.”

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The audio revealed numerous shocking allegations including abuse both emotional and almost physical, controlling ways which Mohale claimed Somizi had and so forth.

Secondly, Legend's production company Bar Leader, also produced Somizi's cooking show, Dinner At Somizi's and there were also some problems which arose. Including intellectual property claims.

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Hastings Moeng alleged that Dinner At Somizi’s was his concept and not that of Legend Manqele and Somizi Mhlongo, so he took legal action against the two including Multi Choice.

“The original concept of the cooking show was created during the level 5 and 4 lockdown as a virtual cooking show hosted by Somizi and his husband, Mohale; the show was named “Straight Out Of The Kitchen”. With comedy and music shows going virtual, there was a clear need for this kind of show.

"The show would see the newlyweds host normal South Africans in their kitchen via Zoom or Skype whilst cooking and chatting. The guests would also be required to cook. Somizi had initially intended to launch a cooking show on his YouTube channel, I approached him and suggested that he consider the TV route instead as his customer base was already sitting with the channel,” said Legend in a statement.

He then added that it was all just a mere coincidence. So it all makes sense why Legend would not be part of this season of Living The Dream. The new producer is now reportedly Teddy Geldart.

In this new reality show, fans can expect Somizi to possibly open up about the drama which followed him especially after the abuse allegations. He lost his job with Idols SA and Metro FM. Bathu also distanced themselves from him for a brief moment.

He had to make a living from his already successful culinary career by taking tours and cooking Sunday feasts for his food loving fans and promote his cook book, I Am Not A Chef. He then became booked and busy also MCing at gigs and toured around the world. So all eyes would be glued to his reality show because why not?

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