Are Speedy and Stoan beefing?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Stoan Seate  | Drama

What a beefy way to start the Tuesday! Speedy and Stoan Seete are apparently not friends anymore.

According to Sunday Sun, the Bongo Maffin members are so angry at each other that they're not speaking at all. According to sources, the "former" BFFs avoided each other at the Metro FM Music Awards. The sources also alleged that they stood at a reasonable distance from each other at the hotel reception."

One source told the paper: "I went to greet Speedy, then Stoan. When I asked Speedy why they’re not standing together, he said they’re not talking to each other. I thought this tension would be over within a week, but it’s the end of another month and they’re still not talking."

The insider continued: "Speedy's ego is a problem. I’m sure after the failure of their single, Aziwe last year, he blames Stoan."

But it seems like that's just speculation. When called for comment, Stoan denied the allegations. He told Sunday Sun: "Wow, that's crazy. I'm busy with non-musical projects and there are many other people I know or have worked with that I haven't spoken to in ages. Speedy is my family and he is doing well with his own hustle and there’s nothing negative I have to say about him."

Speedy told the paper that he's been travelling and hasn't had time to visit Stoan. He added: "I don’t know what he's up to but I know that I’m busy with my latest album. So I’m focusing on that."

Wow, isn't it sad when two people who used to be such close friends are reduced to being like this?