What's Up With Stogie T And Reason?

Was Stogie T throwing shade at Reason with this tweet?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Stogie T  | Drama

We have Reason to believe (okay that's the one and only pun) that Stogie T and local rapper Reason might not be seeing eye to eye right now. That's if some recent social media messages from their respective accounts are anything to go by.

To be fair, it's been a very tense week and we can understand why some people might be feeling some types of way towards each other sheerly out of frustration. In this week alone we have had to deal with:

- Uyinene's Death
- #AmINext accusers and survivors
-Xenophobic attacks
- Beef between South Africans and Nigerians
- Robert Mugabe's Death.

It's no surprise that people might want to unload the emotions they have felt throughout the week and it should also come as no surprise that musicians may want to do so through their chosen art: music.

However, after learning that some people might want to use music as their outlet after a hectic week, Stogie T urged said musos to keep their songs to themselves; adding that this was not the time to be releasing singles.

Although the person he was subbing wasn't necessarily named, we didn't have to look that far to figure out who he might have been referring to...

And just in case we needed more evidence: this Tweet by Stogie T was published just a few hours after Reason announced that he was releasing a new single which he hoped would unite the masses.

He wrote on social media, "SIZATHU is back to what he knows best. Music. And considering all the chaos in the world right now... I see no better message to share with the people!!!! #Ngiyakthanda DROPS TOMORROW!!!!!"

Both he and his fans caught wind of the shade that Stogie T was sending their way and it appears as if he didn't mind leaving a sub of his own:

Despite the warning from his OG, Reason proceeded to drop the track anyways. Was Stogie right that this isn't the time for music, or was he being bitter?

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Image Credit: www.Facebook.com/reasonHD
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