Thembsie Matu on meeting her father for the first time

Thembsie Matu opens up. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Thembsie Matu  | Drama

Thembsie Matu

Thembsie Matu is known for the comical roles that she has successfully displayed over the years on the small screen but her life has not always been amusing.

In a recent interview on Trending SA, Thembsie opened up about her journey of finding her father after her guardian passed away.

“My grandmother passed away and I had to go and look for my father...I had to go look for him in order for me to be able to go register...I had no choice but to find a school next to home because I didn’t have money for transport…my father was never a part of our lives, it was just my uncles,” she said.

After her hot pursuit of seeking her father, Thembsie was shocked to hear that her father had known her and had been watching her grow from the sidelines from her day of birth and to her relief, her father was willing to pay for her fees.

Thembsie was hit with the shock of her life when her father disclosed that he had impregnated her mother just to spite her, and after her mother's uncle had stabbed him with an ice-cream spoon asking him not to show his face anymore, he stood by the wall watching her grow.

Understanding the impact that her relationship with her father had on her life, Thembsie went on to speak about motherhood, saying that she had to mend the relationship with her children after realizing that her career had dampened their bond.

“I love my work, I love my craft, so I had to juggle them both, and it was sore when I left my children at home with their father and leave and tour for three months to a point where my kids didn’t know how to ask me for food…”

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