Is Thuli P Recklessly Endangering The Public?

She is supposed to be in isolation

By  | Nov 23, 2021, 10:22 AM  | Thuli Phongolo  | Drama

Image of Thuli Phongolo
Thuli Phongolo has been down with Covid 19… or so she says. Even when she first announced on social media that she would be cancelling all her scheduled appearances and gigs to take some time off and recover, tweeps were not convinced that she was telling the truth. 
Now a video has emerged of Thuli P and Anele Zondo dancing together, and it is the last piece of evidence Mzansi needed to come all the way for the DJ. Tweeps are now wondering why she is out dancing and living her best life, when she is supposed to be isolating and recovering. 

Thuli did clarify that she was not terribly ill, but would cancel her gigs anyway so she could isolate and keep other people safe. But doesn’t Anele count among the people that need to be kept safe? Tweeps are now speculating that perhaps she is fully vaccinated, and as such, wouldn’t consider the illness too much of a threat. 

There is, of course, the possibility that the video was taken earlier on and just posted recently, and Thuli is still in isolation.

But tweeps were convinced that the reports of her illness were nothing but a false paid campaign by the government to get the country back into lockdown or to force people to get vaccinated. 

Either way, the illness may be getting to her if she is in isolation. She just recently revealed that she misses her ex, although it still remains unclear who she meant. She has been linked to different ZAlebs of late. First it was DJ Maphorisa, then came JazziQ, and it all erupted in a nasty drama online, ending with Thuli allegedly coming out as gay? Listen, it was A LOT!
She did reveal that the specific ex she would like to get back together with is in Dubai, so she would have to move there. So, can anybody clarify which ex this is that lives in Dubai? Because as far as we know, Dj Maphorisa hasn’t moved there (yet). 
 If Thuli is truly battling Covid, dancing outside with someone else when she’s supposed to be isolating is not only dangerous, but also irresponsible of her. And if she faked it as tweeps suspected… well, we really don’t know what to say about it. 

On the other hand, if Thuli has already recovered, it’s great for her. We are happy to see her get back on the road and to performing for live audiences, like she was born to do. 

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