Kanye West Comes For Trevor Noah

Clearly xenophobia is not a South African thing…

By  | Oct 16, 2022, 02:10 PM  | Trevor Noah  | Drama

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Trevor Noah has been making headlines in recent weeks as he announced that he was set to leave his presenting role as the host of The Daily Show after seven years since taking over from Jon Stewart. Moreover, the respected and internationally recognised comedian has since confirmed that his last episode will air on Thursday, 8 December 2022.

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Not only that, Noah is also gearing up for his formal return after leaving The Daily Show back to South Africa as he is set to tour nationally with his upcoming one-man standup act. While the focus has been on this, Kanye West has overtaken the celebratory run for Noah as it is believed that he was inciting violence on Noah with his recent comments. 

Kanye West comes for Trevor Noah
In March 2022, when Kim Kardashian was dating Pete Davidson and Kanye was in his feels on social media threatening Kim and Pete. Trevor Noah on The Daily Show suggested that the public and Kim Kardashian should be weary of Kanye
Noah suggested that while from the outside, West’s sentiments might have been funny and click-bait for the most part. That underlying the jokes and conversation around the matter, is the real threat West poses on Kim’s life. A fact at the time which resulted in West labelling Noah as a c*@n, which is a derogatory term which was used to describe white-aspirant African Americans during and after slavery. 
While Kanye released a public apology at the time, it seems that that was an action which he was advised by his PR team. This is as West, who is currently on a media run, has again focussed on dragging Noah for filth every chance he gets, this time leading to suggestions that he was attempting to invoke xenophobic attacks on Noah.
This is as an excerpt from his recent Drink Champs interview suggested that “Trevor Noah, not even from America, he just looks black.” A sentiment which had many, specifically those who are not West’s fans, suggested that his sentiments were an attempt to invoke a xenophobic attack on Noah.
More so as seconds after suggesting that Noah is not black, he would go one to call his own biracial children “black.” For those that are not die-hard fans, this was just another reason why it has been getting harder and harder to defend West and his recent antics including the White Lives Matter contentious scandal. 
But again, West is a Hip-Hop and musical legend with a fanbase of millions. Therefore, of course there were those that did not mind taking to the timeline to defend their legend. On the one hand, they suggested that West did not lie or say something wrong as Noah is not from the US. 
Another stretch used by West’s fan base was to highlight that West was not lying when referring to Noah just looking black. This is based on the fact that technically speaking in South Africa, Noah was regarded as “coloured” due to his parents being Xhosa in terms of his mother and his Swiss-German father. But, again, if West can refer to his children as black then why is Noah’s “blackness” in question. 

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