Trevor Noah Didn't Tell His Mom About Recent SA Visit

What's going on here?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Trevor Noah  | Drama

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Just 24 hours after Ntsiki Mazwai dragged Trevor Noah for not being "black enough", another report has captured the nation's attention after his own mother took to the media to claim that she found out about his most recent visit to South Africa via the internet.

Trevor Noah has been busy in Cape Town ever since he landed for this past weekend's Match in Africa tennis event which saw him team up with Rafael Nadal for a match against Roger Federer and Bill Gates. Unfortunately, not everybody knew that he was going to be touching down in Mzansi.

According to reports, Trevor's mother Patricia found out from media reports that her son was in the country but she has taken a moment to pour cold water over the reports that he "snubbed" her. She explained, "Please understand, as a businessman he can't always report to his mother about his movements. It's not about the relationship!"

It seems as if reporters are really gunning for their relationship because it was recently reported that Patricia has grown frustrated at the fact that he has committed to his "new family" in New York. However, she put that rumour to bed when she said, "He is living his life in New York, and I'm living my life here in South Africa. I don't have to be attached to him, he is running his business and I am taking caring of mine." 

What do you think reports are trying to do? 

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