Tweeps Believe They've Found Trevor Noah's Long Lost Son

And they are all the way in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Trevor Noah might have hung his Daily Show hosting duties at the end of 2022 after seven years at the helm of the popular American political commentary and satirical show. However, with a world tour scheduled to kick off later this year and the fact that he is considered one of the richest comedians in the world. Noah is considered one of the most eligible bachelors.

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More so as in 2022, Noah confirmed that he was single following the end of his long-term girlfriend Minka Kelly. However, while there were rumours that he might have had a brief romance with singer Dua Lipa, which was later rubbished… It seems that while Noah might be newly single, that he might be a father and he did not even know it. 
Tweeps believe they've Trevor Noah's long lost son
Recently a tweep from Nairobi, Kenya took to Twitter to post an image of who can be assumed to be their son as they captioned the post with the words, “Mini me.”
However, for tweeps who came across the picture, it quickly became apparent that the little man in the image might bare facial features that reminds them of a particular South African comedian who recently concluded his run as the host of the Daily Show. 
Soon enough, there were tweeps that were blatant in their assumption that the father of the child was jokingly, Trevor Noah. 
While it does seem that it was all shared in good banter, Noah does not in fact have a child just yet. He and his squad of equally successful friends locally including Sizwe Dhlomo, Khaya Dlanga and Xolisa Dyeshana all do not have children. The only one in their “squad” to have a child being the rose among the thorns Anele Mdoda with through her son, Alakhe. 
The matter of Noah not having children just yet is one that he recently spoke on, as it was reported on ZAlebs a month ago: 
Meghan Markle who is the Duchess of Sussex, asked Trevor Noah of his desires of being a father and a husband.  “Do you want to be a dad one day?”
On having kids, Trevor said: “Yeah I’d love to. I think it would be a fascinating journey to be on.” 
He then further explained what type of father he would be like when he was asked, “That’s an interesting question. I would hope to be the kind of dad where my kid goes ‘this was a human being who loved me and cared for me and helped prepare me for the world but also appreciated me because they brought me into the world’,” said Trevor. 

“I want to be the kind of dad who appreciates the human being that I brought into the world. I think sometimes parents can be a****** and like ‘I brought you into this world… yeah I didn’t ask you to’. You need to relax with that. So, I would hope to be a dad who is soft and tough, and fun and stern. Someone who wants the best for my child and also isn’t afraid to engage with the child in me,” he added. 

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