Twitter investigates drug smuggler

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

While we wait for the name of the SA actress who tried to smuggle R4.6 million worth of drugs to be revealed, Twitter has become a game of Cluedo with South Africans going on their own investigation on social media.

Although this matter is nothing to laugh about, trust social media to make light of a very heavy situation at the moment. Since the news of the anonymous actress was released, Twitter has created the hashtag #Guesstheactress to try figure out who the actress is.

Here are some of the actresses that are under the radar at the moment.



Poor Maggie Benedict appeared twice on the #guesstheactress list.

A lot of people have also been speculating that the drug smuggler could have been Isidingo actress Stevie French, who tweeted on Friday, 25 September that she was packing for Dubai. However, her publicists Actorvate Relations, has dismissed the allegations.

However, the SAPS has revealed that the drug smuggler is not a celebrity.

Image Credit: Twitter