Ntsiki Is Not Impressed With Unathi's Latest Win

She reckons Unathi almost ruined Sizwe's career

By  | Nov 24, 2021, 05:58 PM  | Unathi Nkayi  | Drama

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Unathi Nkayi might have lost out on two of her streams if income due to some controversy, but she still managed to get Mzansi Magic to book her for a show coming this December.

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Unathi's show Festive Get-Together in The Life Artois is making a return to season 2 and Ntsiki Mazwai is not impressed by this. In fact she is livid that she is still getting bookings whilst almost ruining Sizwe Dhlomo's career.

Ntsiki is one of the most active and vocal gender based violence activists so you can image how she ripped into Unathi and had her for breakfast, lunch and supper. This just pushed her buttons as she continues to win after taking two losses.

"In the GBV climate we have in South Africa. A woman is alleged to have lied about someone and almost ended their career and reputation in an act of malice...And you give her a TV show for little girls to know that you can lie about men and be rewarded for your lie? For real?" she asked.

Ntsiki wants the likes of Unathi Nkayi to not only get dismissed from work but also to experience the full might of the law, "When we stand up for rape victims...We are reminded that women lie.... And cases are thrown out of court....Women who lie and falsify abuse must be dealt with legally and accordingly."

When they announced that Unathi will no longer join their show, GQ said to several media houses, “Unathi will no longer be joining us for our event due to unforeseen circumstances.”

The Idols SA judge was slated to host the upcoming Men Of The Year Awards but has been dropped by the company a few days before the actual event.

The 2021 GQ Men Of The Year Awards will be taking place on November 27 at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff in Johannesburg.

This is most likely due to the drama which unfolded at Kaya 959. The radio station released a statement which reads: "Ms. Nkayi’s contract has ended prematurely due to certain conduct that rendered the relationship intolerable going forward. Kaya 959 can confirm that certain incidents had occurred, which resulted in the breakdown of the trust relationship between the two parties.

"The business can further confirm that due process was followed and the decision was therefore made to part ways with Ms. Nkayi," reads a part of their statement.

"The station would prefer not to be drawn into a debate around the details of what transpired in the interest of both parties. Safe to state that Ms. Nkayi’s version of events have been carefully considered and unfortunately found wanting."

Sizwe Dhlomo reacted to this and gave his version of events. He says what was in the media is true and that he was left amazed at how Unathi Nkayi would lie about him. He said he warned Unathi not to take the matter to HR but she insisted.

"Verbal abuse is a very serious allegation so I believe I would have been fired but more importantly, my reputation would have been in tatters. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to hear her side of the story but like I said, the City Press article is mostly true," he said.

"So how do I set something up in a studio that she was occupying for three hours prior to me walking in? Tell me that. Also, I didn’t take the matter to HR, she did. I wouldn’t have even commented publicly if this thing hadn’t leaked but here we are now."
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