Vuyo Dabula Reportedly Dumps Generations: The Legacy

Has he exited the show for good this time?

By  | Dec 01, 2021, 09:06 AM  | Vuyo Dabula  | Drama

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Vuyo Dabula is reportedly exiting Generations: The Legacy and this time for good. The actor has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately.

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According to TrueLove, Vuyo Dabula is leaving the show and will not be part of the upcoming season after the negotiations with the producers allegedly failed.

“It’s true that Vuyo is no longer a part of the show and he will be greatly missed, but I can confirm that there are two new additions to the show that viewers can look forward to,” said Nandipha Pantsi who is apparently a Generations: The Legacy’s publicist.

Vuyo Dabula played the gangster Gadaffi, AKA Kumkani Phakade and was a fan favourite, who was always described as a "thug in a suit." Vuyo was cast in 2014 and towards the end of his stay at Generations: The Legacy, Vuyo Dabula had been rumoured to be leaving the show but he had later on denied such claims.

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This was because he was playing on the hit Netflix series starring Pearl Thusi called Queen Sono, but the show did not get renewed. He had been given an ultimatum by the producers of Generations: The Legacy, to pick which production he would stay with and he had chosen Queen Sono.

Sources told Daily Sun at the time, that he was making a bad decision, "It makes no sense for him to choose to leave a show that gives him financial stability. He is leaving behind a stable salary. We knew about the ultimatum he was given, but his decision came as a shock because he’s one of the lead actors on the show."

Vuyo even apparently confirmed his exit at the time, “I was going to reveal this, but I guess it is what is.”
Much to his dismay, the show got scrapped after announcing that season 2 was in the works. This lead to him regretting his decision to leave, and so he allegedly begged the producers to bring him back on the show. According to sources who spoke to the publication, producers could not care less about him choosing a production that got sacked. When Daily Sun asked him again, he responded by saying,  "I am not leaving the show."

He then told Drum Magazine that he is staying and the rumours were not true, “I am staying. There are a whole lot of stories around this. It is a bit bizarre, the idea that I am leaving Generations has been preceded by other new that have been circulating that I am leaving South Africa. The fantastical one, the grand one was that I was going to work with 50 cent on Black Mafia Family. It is certainly exciting to read,” he said at the time.

This time, TrueLove reports that he is calling it quits and another source added “He has left the show for good this time, after a lot of back and forth. He has been with the show since 2014 and now he’s gone.

“This time, he’s definitely gone for good because he hasn’t been in studio for a while and his character has been scrapped off, which means that he won’t feature in Season 31 of the show,” the person told TrueLove.

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