Who Is Wrong, Annie Or Sane?

Seems Sane the Chef has forgotten who started the cold war on RHODurban.

By  | Mar 15, 2023, 08:50 AM  | Drama

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The Real Housewives of Durban has released its seventh episode of the current third season. This episode was focussed on the first getaway trip organised for the housewives. This time, the organiser was none other than Jojo Robinson as she arranged for the cast to head to the Drakensberg.

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But considering that the trip involved newcomer and polarising figure Saneliswe “Sane the Chef'' Bhengu, it guaranteed that there was going to be drama. Specifically, between Sane and Annie Mthembu, who has been vocal about her dislike for Sane since having heard the disparaging things she had said about her in previous episodes of the season. 

Who is wrong, Annie or Sane? 

Sane started her journey on The Real Housewives of Durban with a bang as she attacked Londie London over the demise of her tumultuous relationship with baby daddy and ex Hlubi Nkosi. However, while Londie might be meek and her replies were sub-par, it seems that she believed that she could go for “mean girl” Annie Mthembu. 

This is as she alleged that Annie slept her way to the top by dating her initial boss turned husband “The Mayor” Kgolo Mthembu. While Sane was paddling stories about Annie, she on the other hand was digging into her past and was the one to find out about her criminal activity.

Hence even after Sane’s apology during episode five, Annie made it clear that she did not believe now wanted to associate with Sane. Hence the surprising events of the recent episode. In another case of Sane having amnesia, the cast member seemed surprised at the contempt that Annie had for her. 

Therefore, it surprised and elated many when Annie went for blood when Sane attempted to act like Annie was the aggressor in the situation as to why she doesn't like her. As such, it seems that many viewers are siding with Annie in terms of Sane and the backlash and clap backs that Annie is directing at her.

However, there were those that stood up for Sane suggesting that Sane did not lie when she made her initial sentiments about Annie sleeping her way to the top.
Another person that must be wary of Annie’s tongue lashings is none other than former friend Jojo Robinson. This is as Annie has made it clear that she is waiting for the upcoming reunion to give Jojo a piece of her mind. As reported at the time: 

Episode three of RHOD was filled with a number of explosive moments. One, in particular, was the lunch between Nonku Williams, Jojo Robinson, and Sane the Chef. The two main cast members were there to confront Sane over the manner in which she attacked the women during her first “impromptu” appearance in episode two.

However, things did not go as planned as Sane all but denied or feigned amnesia over the comments she made in the previous episode directed at Londie London. Moreover, she then dragged Annie by alleging that “she slept her way to the top,” due to starting out as her now husband’s PA  before becoming a businesswoman with a successful salon.

While Nonku defended Annie during the interaction, Jojo kept quiet and went on to spread the rumour during her event when she told Sorisha about the hot tea. Suffice it to say that when Annie watched the episode, similar to the viewers she was livid. 

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