Is Zodwa Wabantu Changing Her "Naked" Ways?

Her new money making venture will shock you!

By  | Jan 28, 2022, 10:48 AM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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It is common knowledge that Zodwa Wabantu is no stranger when it comes to controversy. From her concerts to some of her various money making ventures, if it’s scandalous, it is most definitely Zodwa. 

This time however, it seems Zodwa is venturing into a business that is winning the hearts of Mzansi! Taking to her Instagram, Zodwa just recently announced the launch of her very own Wabantu Shuttle Services and fans could not be more excited at this new development.

Her comment section is already flooded with congratulatory messages with many applauding her for her hard work and for she is always about chasing the bag. The truth of the matter is that Zodwa is the ultimate hustler, if it makes her money, then you have got to believe that she will venture into it. 



But even as this comes as good news for her fans, others just feel that Zodwa is losing her focus and that she is trying too many things! From her egg business to her salon business and all the endorsements she has, they think that she does not really know what she is doing. 

That of course cannot compare to all the love she has been getting from her fans who as well know are quite loyal no matter what she does and while that can be a little bit risky sometimes, it is good to see that she remains to be one of the most loved socialites in Mzansi.

Speaking of controversies, just the other day, Zodwa decided to wow Mzansi when she took to her Instagram to share a photo that raised eyebrows. In the photo, Zodwa is seen in a river wearing traditional wear that is common with the sangomas.
In the picture, she is seen kneeling in a river holding horns, which symbolises ancestral ties, and she captioned the snap "Nkosazana Yamanzi" which translates to water guru." Of course, it is still not clear as to whether or not Zodwa has decided to “accept her calling”, but if there is one thing we know is that she does use muthi. 

Remember that one she admittedly confessed that she uses muthi on her haters, and even went as far as mentioning who she has been using it on? Well, that was definitely whe we knew that Zodwa would do absolutely anything to succeed. We can only wish her well on this new journey. 

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