Ricardo Putting Zodwa's Life In Danger?

Isn't she too old for this stunt?

By  | Feb 11, 2022, 06:49 AM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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It has always been obvious news that Zodwa likes her men young. But when it comes to her most recent Ben 10, we have to say that Mzansi has never been more approving of their relationship; well at least some of Mzansi. 

In a recent video that was shared on social media, it seems that tweeps are divided on who between the two is the actual bad influence on the other.

It was just recently when the socialite took to her Instagram account to share a video of herself and Ricardo smoking weed. In the video, Ricardo is seen smoking the blunt and Zodwa on the other hand is coughing her chest off. 

The caption on the video does not make it any better because she jokingly says about "gogo dying soon", and we can only assume it is because the weed is becoming too strong for her to handle. The reactions on her comment section are also beyond hilarious with many laughing at her cough. Watch the video down below. 

On Twitter the reactions could not be any different, but many here are still in shock as to how a young man like Ricardo can be smoking weed! 

Well, he is not that young, that’s for sure but according to tweeps, Zodwa is one big bad influence to Ricardo as she has always been to her previous lovers. 

That’s not all however, the way Zodwa is coughing in that video, tweeps also agree that maybe Zodwa is getting too old for such things and should start being mindful of her own health. 

Well, whatever it is, you can be sure that Zodwa and Ricardo were pretty having the ‘high’ of their lives and no one can do anything about it. 

It was just the other day when Zodwa was making headlines yet again after a photo of what seemed to be like her initiation process was making rounds on social media. 

And while many in Mzansi were led to believe that there is no way that was an actual traditional ceremony, others were actually happy to see that Zodwa was embracing her ancestral calling. 

If you can remember, this is not the first time the sensational dancer has led Mzansi to believe that she is a Sangoma, and after she confessed that she actually does use muthi on her haters, one can only hope that they never land on Zodwa’s hit list. 

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