WATCH: Zodwa's Emotional Response To Her Haters

"Am I not a human being?"

By  | Dec 06, 2021, 11:45 AM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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Socialite and exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu, continues to make headlines time and time again for her controversial lifestyle and personality. And while many don’t seem to like what she does or how she makes her money, her loyal fans continue to shower her with all their love and support.

This time, it’s no different. Taking to her Instagram page, Zodwa shared a video of her addressing how she has been receiving a lot of hate and insults from fellow women who think that she is not beautiful and that she should not be happy.

In her caption she writes, To girls  Women Why you feel a need to Abuse me? Are you Empty? Are you not happy with yourselves? I don’t do anything to Intimidate you,in your Presence I make sure I make myself as Nothing to fit in cause I like to be Free Question now, I should Party far away from you? I should work & leave? Ngingabi Umuntu Wabantu?

Watch the video down below

Taking to her comments, fans have gone ahead to encourage her telling her that she should never change herself for anyone and that she should continue being herself. They continue to remind her that this is all part of life and that she should just focus on her fans and not her haters.

If you can remember, it was also not that long ago when tweeps decided to cancel out Zodwa saying that there was nothing special about her, with many saying that she was only good at “selling her body'' and that she is not even supposed to be famous. 

Seeing her respond the way she has on her Instagram just shows that she is very much tired of having to match up to people’s expectations when she is just a human being like the rest of them. This is not the first time Zodwa is responding to her haters.

Not too long ago, in a similar manner, the exotic dancer shared an Instagram video where she was telling her haters that she was not useless as they thought she was , mentioning that she was very happy about the work that she did. Clearly this was not going to be the last time she would be criticized.

That aside however, Zodwa continues to live the “it” life with her Ben 10 Ricardo, despite the many allegations that Ricardo is only with Zodwa for the money and not for the love. The two continue to serve us major couple goals even as they gush over each other online even as they make fans green with envy over their baecations and how great they look together.

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