Zola 7 Denies Getting R1 Million From MamMkhize

Reports had earlier suggested so

By  | Mar 14, 2022, 08:50 AM  | Zola 7  | Drama

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Reports recently emerged that Shauwn Mkhize, during her visit with Zola 7, had gifted him R1 Million. But the singer has released a statement to vehemently deny these claims. 
City Press recently reported that football mogul and businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize had given Zola 7 one million rand. This came after both of them went on Instagram to share pictures and videos of them having met and hung out at the businesswoman’s home. 

Zola 7’s team recently, through his official Instagram account, denied such claims, vehemently, saying he had never received any millions from anybody. 

We request that Media kindly report only truth that is verified to avoid spreading false information. Zola has not received any millions / million from any funder as widely alleged / spread,” the statement read. 

In order to not come off as a direct attack to Shauwn, the statement continued to address her directly, “To Mamkhize you are one of a kind and we hope that you are not discouraged by these incorrect reportings, to assist where you can. You have given Zola love, hope and joy and that is a blessing on its own.”

Zola’s return to the spotlight has been marked by an unfortunate flood of controversies, one after the other. It all started when a rumour was started that he was unable to take care of his children, because he was struggling both physically and financially.
Although these rumours were never verified, they started a big movement of fans who were ready to donate money to him, to help him get back on his feet and to the top, where he belongs. 

The publicity caught Shauwn’s attention, and she sought out Zola so they could have a meeting and hang out. She let him drive her Bentley, which was one of his wishes, and they recorded some videos for social media. 
But this too was met with a lot of hate. Mamkhize came under fire for publicizing her assistance to the singer, and some felt like she did it all for clout alone, not out of the desire to help. 

It got worse when some screenshots came to light, allegedly proving that those close to the singer had reached out to her for help about a year ago, and she had ignored their pleas, only to show up now to help now that his case had gone viral. 
There have been many people defending her, fans and celebrities alike. Somizi Mhlongo said she was damned whether she helped or not, whether she did it publicly or not, so she should focus on her efforts and block out the noise. 
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