Zola 7 Rumoured To Be Very Sick

We hope the Kwaito legend is doing okay

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South African Kwaito legend Zola 7 has not been in the lime light for a while now and many are questioning his whereabouts. The last time we got to enjoy the music genius was when he collaborated with Cassper Nyovest on a track called Hlengiwe, which comes from his last album Any Minute Now.

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A viral picture of Zola 7 just chilling and minding his own business has sent shockwaves to many social media users, especially because of the caption which followed it, "Zola 7 is not okay, apparently he has epilepsy and he is a also struggling. If you can reach out to help to lend a helping hand please do. I know we as South Africans love and appreciate Zola 7, we will do anything to help him," a twitter user by the name Kamo Marven wrote.

The user alleged that the Kwaito star is epileptic and is also struggling to make ends meet. The tweep then encouraged other industry mates to reach out to him and help wherever they can.

On his interview with Podcast and Chill with Mac G, Zola 7 did disclose this information and he said he is under medication which is helping him. He is also surrounded by close family and friends. So he is doing very well.

Following that post by Kamo Marven, his friends reportedly paid him a visit just to check up on Zola, real name Bonginkosi Dlamini. According to Daily Sun, artists such as Mapaputsi and others had thought they would find the star 'bedridden' and really sick.

Much to their surprise, they breathed a huge sigh of relief when they found their friend enthusiastic and talkative. Just the way they know him.

On rumours that he is struggling he laid those to rest and said he is working on other projects. Zola also has a philanthropic side of him which many admire, but he has not been active when it comes to that.

Zola was asked why is he not doing the Lord's work like he used to but he said the fight is not only his, but should be a collective effort from people.

His last good Samaritan work was with Afribiz Academy and they were giving away a few bursaries in three faculties to students in need.

Many were worried about Zola thinking that he is broke. He once spoke about this and gave his opinion on why SA artists die broke. He said American artists get more airplay than SA artists hence they do not make any money. He also said we do not support local talent and that takes away bread from their tables.

"We have not conquered TV until we change it, and it sells ideas of Africans and South Africans, as a grown-up I want to say the youth is lost. The people who put content on TV and radio, are grownups who feel the need to hype American comedy, music and American soapies against the creativity of South African."

"Then you read on the newspapers that Brown Dash died broke, Mandoza lost his 7.5 million house, two of Zola's houses got auctioned, It boils down to bread on the table, if you don't put me out there, my bread will become smaller."

He last worked with Cassper on a powerful track called Hlengiwe which won the hearts of many of his fans. The song stood out because of Zola's powerful vocals.

Just a few months ago, he got involved in a car accident. According to Sunday World, he suffered an epileptic seizure whilst driving and rammed into a spaza shop.

The spaza owner, Mpanzi said “I went to the car to check who the driver was and found that it was Zola 7. When my mother and I asked him what happened, he threw a bottle out of the car and told us that he suffered some fits when he was driving and lost control of the car and hit our chairs and tables. He was complaining of neck and back pains.”

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