Why Zola Nombona Is Leaving Generations: The Legacy

Her fans' worst nightmare comes to life

By  | Jun 19, 2022, 02:22 PM  | Zola Nombona  | Drama

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Zola Nombona has reportedly decided to leave Generations: The Legacy after spending more than a year on the telenovela. According to Daily Sun, she will be leaving the show on good terms as she pursues other avenues.

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Generations: The Legacy fans might be disappointed to find out that Pamela Khoza is leaving the show. Her manager told the publication that Zola has other offers she would love to try out, hence the reason for leaving the show.

Last year, she assured her worried fans that she would not be leaving the show when she shared a lengthy post detailing her experience with the soapie.

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"What a journey. I’ve been with the Generations family for over 6 months now and what a lovely journey it has been. I’ve had multiple opportunities to join the team but it never happened because I guess the timing wasn’t right."

She said as a person who gets bored very quickly, she did not know if it would be the right decision to join the telenovela, but she decided that she probably should.

"I thought I was not a long form actor because I get bored easily but quickly realised that I actually didn’t have the stamina for it (yep acting stamina is a real thing). I normally got the opportunity to test my acting stamina in theatre productions but that hasn’t happened in a while so beku rough."

She thanked people for the support and said she was grateful, "I’m so grateful for the opportunity that I have been granted to be on this show. I’d like to thank everyone for the continuous support and love for my craft - l live for it. A big shout out to the cast and crew for the lovely energy and support. Pamela Khoza is about to shake things up!!!!"

She also said she would not be leaving the show, "P.S I’m not leaving the show just showing gratitude for what God has done for me."

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Zola worked for a very long time and she got fatigued out which resulted in her landing at the hospital. Taking to her IG stories, she told fans that they should be wary of their bodies when they get tired, "Sometimes life reminds us that we are mere mortals. Reminder to be kind to yourselves fatigue and burnout is a real thing," she said on her IG stories.

Not only that, but she is also a mother too which can be sometimes a full time job. "Being a working mother is surely one of the toughest roles I’ve had to play. There are days where I find myself so tired I could cry. Then guilt kicks in. ‘You can’t be complaining of being tired when you’ve been blessed with work, and doing what you love at that’ I think to myself. Then I start feeling tension in my head as I head back to learning my lines and working,” she wrote.

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