[VIDEO]: A Love Song For Ziphozenkosi!

Dumi Mkokstad released a love song, dedicated to his wife.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Dumi Mkokstad 

Musicians usually play around with different genres and context themes - and that's what Dumi Mkokstad has done with his latest song.

The music and film sector houses different genre's. When one listens to an artist such as Okmalumkoolkat, strong nuances of infusion of genres are easily palpable.

During an episode of American docu-series, Iconoclasts - one is reminded of an intriguing interview with Oscar award winning filmmaker, Quintin Tarantino's sentiments about his brand of delivery as a Director.

He mentioned how he learnt early on in his career that blending film genre's was how he was planning on telling his stories  - and judging by the classic films that he's made thus far - Homie did good by exploring and expanding his artistry.
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The same could be said about Mzansi's gospel sensation, Dumi Mkokstad. The good homie was drunk in love, after deciding to switch things up with his usual brand of music.

February is the month of love, and Dumi wasn't about to miss out on the hype. The newly wed released a song dedicated to his wife, Ziphozenkosi Mthembu - Nzimande.

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Although this was daring and romantic, some of Dumi's conservative fans felt some type of way and actually stated that there was no need for him to release the song publicly.

One Instagram user,  @Phiweamandla Nkomo wrote the following:
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Dumi has since defended his latest move by stating that the song isn't too diluted, as there are elements of spirituality.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@dumimkokstad