Bad Man Looking Good In Dior? Guess Not!

Celebrities caught wearing fake designer outfits

By  | Feb 07, 2022, 06:57 AM  | Mduduzi Mabaso  | Fashion

Shauwn Mkhize/Mduduzi Mabaso
There is no denying that if there is one thing that always gets us absorbed in our celebrities lives, it has got to be their great sense in fashion and style. From wearing designer outfits that some of us only see in our dreams, to flaunting some of the most lavish and expensive jewelry, it really is a beautiful sight to behold.

However, more often than not, some if not all of  these celebrities have been spotted wearing fake designer outfits that leave many asking, is it really because they could not afford it, or because they didn't know altogether? 

Well, until we can figure that out, feast your eyes on the celebrities who took, “fake it till you make it” to a whole new level.

Dr. Shauwn Mkhize

At the top of the list is business mogul MaMKhize who is known for her lavish lifestyle that always sets tongues wagging. Do you remember how she was absolutely killing it on her most recent out of this world vacation in Namibia? I mean, no one can do it like she does.

And with her lifestyle we can only imagine that she only wears legit stuff right? Well, prepare to be shocked. An Instagram page, @fake_guccicommunity_sa, exposed MaMkhize for having worn fake Gucci outfits. And trust me, it’s not just on one occasion. Are we to assume that this is the trend for all other designer clothes in her wardrobe?

Shaun Stylist

Following closely is MaMkhize’s stylist, who has also been spotted adorning not just a fake Gucci shirt and watch, but these two items have never been made before by Gucci! Can you believe it? I mean I know wearing Gucci clothes and jewelry is the goal, but can we just leave the fake ones for those who can’t afford the real stuff though?

Was it not Shaun who got himself a new set of wheels the other day? Surely owning a few if not many Gucci pieces should not be such a huge hustle for him should it? 

Mduduzi Mabaso

The actor, director and businessman unfortunately also makes it on the list. The fake item in question being a see through Gucci shirt, which like you’ve guessed does not exist as far as Gucci is concerned. 
The Rhythm city actor has made quite the name for himself in the film industry. Other than his dope acting skills, Mdukhekhe can literally make heads turn especially with his great sense of fashion. And so it therefore comes as a huge surprise that he too would be a victim of fake designer outfits. 

Mohale Motaung

Now we all know that Mohale’s got the drip and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Whether he is on his way to work or on vacation, Mohale can most definitely gerrit and we are here for it. He has time and time again set our timelines on fire with his well coordinated looks that always leave both men and women drooling.

That however does not mean that he has missed the public eye where fake designer outfits are concerned. No, in fact, as documented by the Fake Gucci Instagram age, Mohale was once spotted with a fake Gucci bag. 

While many may not have noticed the difference, it seems Gucci fans spotted the deceiving resemblance and well, it did not look so good on Mohale. 

Big Zulu

The Hip Hop artist and songwriter apparently also makes it on the list. We all know and love him for his dope hits but who would have known that he too has at one point fallen prey to fake Gucci?

Well according to the mentioned Insta page, Big Zulu was spotted wearing a fake Gucci hat that left many wondering whether he bought it out of his own will or whether it was a gift. But would he really be so oblivious to accept a fake Gucci bucket hat as a gift? Whoever they are played him dirty.

Well then, there you have it. Guess the next time we will be gushing over how saucy and absolutely in style our celebrities look, we will also take time to pay attention to the tiny details in their clothing? But how do you tell apart fake Gucci from the real Gucci? Any ideas? 

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