Is MaMkhize's Acting Career A Flop Already?

Her big debut failed to happen

By  | Jan 24, 2022, 03:19 PM  | Shauwn Mkhize  | Top of The

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Reality TV star and flamboyant businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize almost had a shot at being an actress before plans changed. And in light of this new information, fans are left wondering if an acting career is in the cards for her, and whether it would be a good idea to begin with. 
Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela recently shared news that MaMkhize was supposed to make a cameo on Mzansi Magic’s hit show Umkhokha. Unfortunately, the plan did not work out as hoped for, and she did not make her cameo, for reasons that Phil did not elaborate. 
The announcement was enough to spark conversation, though. As Phil questioned, does this signal a blossoming career for MaMkhize as an actress? She already has many titles under her belt. And while this may not be her first time in a TV series, reality TV does not require much acting. So does this mean she is about to branch out and become an actress? 
The move has already been met with a lot of controversy. There are many who feel like she is trying to do everything. Not only do they think it is not practical for her to have her hand everywhere, they also think it is selfish for her to be coming for everything. There are other people who can act, and they believe it is unfair for MaMkhize to take those opportunities from those who are more deserving. 

Some think she should not go into acting, period. Not for “noble” reasons like letting the opportunities go to others who are less privileged that she may disenfranchise, but because they think she would be a terrible actress. They simply cannot see her as having the range to be an actress, and they are already thanking their lucky stars that the cameo fell through. 
In fact, they recall her brief cameo on Uzalo, which they thought she did horribly, as proof that she cannot act her way out of a paper bag. Ouch! 

But on the other hand, there are those who think that she should be allowed to do whatever she wants. Nobody has ever stopped other celebrities from branching away from the craft that made them famous and trying out new things, so she should not be limited either. 
Luckily for MaMkhize, it is very rare that social media opinions determine the direction of a celebrity’s career, unless their career is directly dependent on fan feedback. Technically speaking, if she comes to an agreement with the industry executives, she could become an actress if she so wishes. 

She is yet to comment on the missed opportunity. But what do you think? Should she try out acting? Would you watch her if she did? 
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