“I Am Matric Myself”, Hlaudi Tells MacG At His Most Anticipated Podcast

Former SABC COO bares it all

By  | Feb 04, 2022, 10:20 AM 

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As anticipated by viewers the Podcast and Chill with MacGyver “MacG” Mukwevho delivered one of the best interviews with former South African Broadcasting Corporation Chief Operating Officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng who is still everyone’s favourite judging by the comments.
Motsoeneng is the first and last man to lead a whole broadcasting corporation without matric.  The “King of Memes” as they call him on the socials held down the position for three years before he was busted for lying about his qualification. When asked about this he told MacG he was matric himself.
“If you talk about matric, I am matric myself. If you talk about degree, that is me.  I am all those issues that you talk about and I am able to do everything myself without that paper. I am able to do it even better than those with the paper. You can bring doctors and professors here for a debate, I would beat them,” said a confident Motsoeneng to MacG.
He continued to say that he doesn’t have a problem with education as everyone believes, but only the system because having a paper doesn’t mean you are educated. 

A viewer commented: “No but Hlaudi is a pure genius and to think he was painted as a villian fear white media these guys wanna ruin everything look even simba chips don't have tazo's anymore #PodcastAndChill.”
Hlaudi didn’t end there but also drop the bomb about how SABC owes him for introducing 90% local content that they didn’t believe was good. 
“This is why they will suffer going forward because they are still more on international, “he told MacG.  Motsoeneg said even Multi Choice took the idea and ran with it, and that is why they are excelling than the public broadcasters. 

One viewer recalled how Hlaudi took out Days of Our Lives, Bold and The Beautiful along with Dr Phil to local content.


Hlaudi says he knew they never liked him; all the politicians who are now preaching the local content went against it because it came from him.  He said they never supported him but rushed to destroy the transformation he came with. Hlaudi believes if you are a genuine leader you must love your people.
It seems this interview was needed for MacG to go back in the good books after his podcast with international star Ari Lennox, because the walls of Twitter were singing praises to his interviewing skills.

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A user commented “I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. I have so much respect for Hlaudi now; the media really did twist his profile. Thank you #PodcastAndChill #PodcastAndChillWithMacG.”
Being Hlaudi he had to close it off with a bang, telling us that he is the only one who can change South Africa.  He says he is the right person and has proven he is what we need!

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