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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM 

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It always brings great pleasure to see international stars embrace our many cultures. It’s only fair considering that we duplicate almost everything that comes from overseas. But when these international stars represent a piece of our culture in their videos, it really makes us smile.

Here are a couple of videos that have either been shot in South Africa or used some South African elements to enhance them.

Rita Ora – Body On Me featuring Chris Brown

In the beginning of the video you can hear the “Heita” chant, which is usually sung whenever a toyi toyi rally is about to take place. The chant is placed quite randomly in the video, but it definitely put a smile on our face. South Africa wins yet again on the international stage.

Solange Knowles -  Losing You

Shot in Cape Town in 2012, this music video not only made us respect Solange Knowles more as a musician, but also as a stylist. Personally, we feel this entire song and video was slept on when it comes to mainstream music, but nonetheless the song is not only great but also visually artistic. Watching Solange in a local taxi always gets us smiling. Shoutout to all the Capetonians reading this article!

Janet Jackson – Got til it's Gone featuring Q-tip

Undoubtedly one of our favourite music videos from Ms Jackson. Got til its Gone changed the music game in the 90s. The video represented a pre-Apartheid celebration, and if you look closely you’ll see two South African beverages and one South African publication represented in this video. It’s always a pleasure watching this video, if you haven’t seen it before we hope you enjoy it and we hope it grows your patriotism.

Image credit: YouTube
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