It’s Back To School For The Dj

Oskido enrolls at UP for a five months management course

By  | Feb 07, 2022, 09:18 PM 

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Oscar Sibonginkosi Mdlongwa known by many as Dj Oskido of Kalawa Jazmee has decided to go back to school at the age of 53.

The Dj took it to Instagram and Twitter that he has embarked on a new challenge. He has challenged himself by going back to school.  The DJ has enrolled at the University of Pretoria (UP) for five month to study Project Management Programme.  From 8am to 5pm, one week in a month Oskido will be sitting on a desk studying. 
The Dj called on all the believers to keep growing and empowering ourselves.  His wall was flooding with comments from supporters and fellow Industry colleagues. Musician and rapper Cassper Nyovest commented "Nice one grootman."

Oskido responded, "The world is changing to fast ntwanas, I really need this skill."
Cassper comments on Dj Oskido's post

Zakes Batwini responded and said, “This is GOLD thank you Grootman for showing youngins the importance of education."

Oskido responded, "Bafo our industry is changing at a rapid speed and new business are emerging so I must equip myself."
Zakes comments on Dj Oskido's post

His fans also commented, “Ohhh woowww that’s great.  It’s never too late to learn bhuti. I’m doing the same with Wits Plus too starting on the 28th of Feb but I’m hustling to get the funds and I have faith I will get them before I start."
A fan comments on Dj Oskido's post

His Twitter fans also chipped in to congratulate him on his new journey with others mocking him and asking if they don't  offer Project Management at the  University of Kalawa.  As the fan  thought musician Professor was a Dean.
Another fan commented, “Now that you’re on the other side, they should host a Mapiano Bash outside while you’re in class and let’s see how you hold up.”

Just in case you were wondering what grade Oskido has, you will be glad to know he studied in Zimbabwe where he attended Luveve Primary School. According to Oskido furthered his education at Gifford High School in Bulawayo.

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The Dj together with producers Don Laka and Christos Katsaitis, founded Kalawa Records. Which later merged with Trompie’s Jazmee records and the label later turned into Kalawa Jazmee. Oskido was amongst the first artists to produce kwaito tracks in the 1990s by adding vocals to the slow tempo house beats. His Kwaito sound was infused with jazz elements so it could be differentiated from the rest of the Kwaito sounds, wrote

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The father of three owns a restaurant called Daruma by Oskido Waterfall, where Pearl Thusi and her date Michael Bucwa,  known as Mr. SMEG on Twitter went to for their National Date that Oskido trended for gate crushing, when he allegedly tried to kiss Pearl.

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