J'Something on his son and not wanting to be famous

The musician and chef opens up for the first time about having his first child & his disinterest when it comes to fame.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | J'Something 


Fame, an addictive drug that can bring short-lived joy and long-term unhappiness. And as attractive as it may look from the outside looking in, being famous is something that J'Something does not care for.

In a recent interview on Cliff Central, J'Something spoke passionately about his life-long dreams and goals and how becoming a chef has changed his life. And whilst reflecting on all his 2017 achievements, one thing the past year taught the artist is that fame has little to no value for him.

"One thing I realized about 2017 is that I don't want to be famous like that's not my ambition in life. I don't want to die being a famous dude. I wanna die being a good husband, a good father and a good family person. I wanna be there for my mom, I wanna be there for my brother and that's something that's been a trip for the last six years because I've been busy," Said J'Something.

J something father

Now we had to pause for a minute when he mentioned that he wanted to be a good father and were quite taken aback when J'something finally revealed that he actually has a son.

"Something that I've never mentioned to the world is that I now have a lightie, I have my first-born child..."

The MiCaSa lead vocalist is one celebrity that really knows how to keep things under wraps when it comes to his non-professional life.

We remember how lowkey he kept his engagement and marriage to his wife Coco a few years back.


During the interview, J'something also added that although 2017 was great to him professionally it was quite challenging when it came to his private life. The singer mentioned that he found himself so busy that he hardly spent enough time with his family, he realised that he had to slow things down when his mom experienced a mild heart-attack which gave him a huge scare.

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