Jub Jub enlightens the youth about second chances

Jub Jub is all about learning from your mistakes and appreciating the second chances you're given.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Jub Jub 

Jub Jub asks for forgiveness

It's been a few months since Jub Jub came out of prison. The musician, who was convicted of culpable homicide for the death of four children, is picking up the pieces of his life. The rapper made an appearance at Rhema Bible Church's "Awakening Conference" on Saturday evening. 

He was one of the performers for the night. He first performed his new song titled Ke Kopa Tshwarelo, which features SA music legend Tshepo Tshola. 

Before moving to the next song - his hit single Ndikhokhele featuring the Jeziel Brothers - he made shared something with the congregation. 

He said: "I'm here to enlighten you this evening on second chances. The way I see it, a second chance is an opportunity to try something again after failing one time. And the youth of today, the fear of failing is greater than that of trying.

"I've seen it with my own two eyes, that they're not confident at all in any of their efforts, so they end up over-trying and that results in failure. And when that happens, they give up."

Jub Jub then read a bible scripture from the book of Philemon. He also spoke about how God has given him a second chance, and how he found his purpose in life. 

Read the full transcript below. 

Remember Onesimus was useless when he came to prison, but now, after an encounter with Jesus in prison, his coming out is no longer like coming in. And since he had done wrong, and he had done wrong things to Philemon before, now Paul is pleading on his behalf that since transformation has taken place in his life while he was in prison, so this young man might be given a second chance; firstly in the church, then the community at large. 

This only takes the grace, compassion and loving-kindness of the Father who gives every human race a second chance no matter what we've done, God forgives our sins and cleanses us from all unrighteousness. Now the love of Christ in the heart of saints, the church, the body of Christ is the only living evidence in which we can see the forgiving love and warmth of Christ to the ex-offenders too. 

I truly, truly believe in the all mighty, for real truly do believe in the almighty. And I believe that He gave me a second chance. Without Him, damn I wouldn't be here tonight. 

Jub Jub

There's always a reason for a second chance, and in my circumstance, He protected me from the fast life, He slowed me down from the bright lights and substances that blur your vision by putting me in prison. My vision became more clear when I spent one-on-one time with Him. And only then did I get to understand why He gave me a second chance, and I also then understood my purpose in prison. As I stand here before you today, I will always have a weight to carry, but I will never give up on my God, I will never give up on faith, and I will never give up on the continuous praying, and I will never give up on the youth and serving my purpose that the almighty has me destined for .

I've learned many lessons but the greatest one is learning never to judge anyone based on face value, but instead appreciate and respect. 

Some of us don't get a second chance. Young men and young ladies, let's be clear: I'm here in flesh, and prison ain't good. Prison ain't good, and neither is prison a place for neither one of you. Losing your freedom is like losing your life and a major disappointment to those who care the most. 

Christians are to forgive because they've been forgiven. If only people could be saved and come to knowledge of the truth, this world can become a better place. In closing, the world has no peace, love and forgiveness. The easiest thing is to criticize, judge and insult. I understood this and through God, I now know how to handle it. If Jesus was brutally criticized, who am I?... 

Tonight, everybody that is here, anybody that lost faith, everybody that tried hard to do something and felt like it never came together - whether you're looking for a job, whether your studies are not coming together, whether you've got family problems, relationship problems, real life problems... I didn't waste time coming to Rhema tonight, and I also didn't waste time to come here to lie to either one of you. So with whatever you're pushing, whatever you're doing, what is written across my chest right now [referring to his t-shirt], keep your head up and never give up.  

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