Khanyi Mbau Breaks The Net

The good sis has done it again

By  | Jun 28, 2021, 03:41 PM  | Khanyi Mbau 

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Abomama's former actress Khanyi Mbau has broken the internet once again.

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The sultry actress and mother of one took a picture with her man looking all boo'd up and cuddled up under the blankets. This picture revealed Khanyi's whole boob, nipple and all.

Khanyi is no stranger to controversy. Back in the early days of her career, she once broke the internet with her racy pictures shot in the bathtub showing her back side.

She loves and is only attracted to men with very deep pockets, a man that is not even within her tax bracket. Her 26-year-old millionaire boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga is proof and testament to that.

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Khanyi has told her fans that should anyone decide to pay lobola for her, she wants nothing short of a million rand. We love a queen that knows what she is worth and will not settle for anything less.

Khanikani's mom has asked the public to support her relationship with Kudzai even if it were to end in tears.

In an Instagram live, Khanyi said that women have become so negative to the idea of love, “The streets have taught us to be negative about the idea of true love and that we always think that love is out to scam us. Well, guys, I want us to unlearn that bad habit. Sometimes, believe in love. What you manifest, is what you get and this is what I want. Whether it ends in tears or not, support me, wipe my tears, be with me in the hardest moments"

"And also if it ends up well, learn from my book, take a page from it. Manifest what you want

Khanyi encouraged people to never give up on love and to always manifest what they want.

"Love is beautiful and I finally found it. Why must black women or women, in general, suffer when it comes to finding their partner? I have been through enough. I have been with a man with no money. I have been with a man with money...

Khanyi then added that it is time to celebrate love, "let our story motivate you and inspire you so that you can also believe that there a love for you out there. 
Khanyi was previously in a relationship with Tebogo Lerole for 10 years. Their relationship was not without its ups and downs and when they finally decided to call it quits, it was so sad for the ones that loved what they stood for. They tried for a long time to make things work but as fate would have it, things just never worked out. 
Tebogo was left heartbroken after it seemed like Khanyi was putting him blast for being broke. She was also linked to Theunis Crous, he was 51 years old when he broke up with her and called her names.

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