#Khumbulekhaya: Nomusa's Story Was Heartbreaking

Great thing she got her happy ending.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

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The strong and sad vibrations from Nomusa Nxumalo's story on Khumbulekhaya, pierced through our televising screens last night.

Nomusa is a young lady from uMhlaba Uyalingana but she is currently residing in Eskhawini, Kwa Zulu Natal. From the trailer alone, one got the sense that her complete story would have an emotional effect on the viewers. And IT DID!

As the whole story played out, it became clear that, home girl has been through the darkest corners of the earth, in her young life. 

After being mistreated by her stepmother and biological father, who she lived with all her life, Nomusa decided to embark on a self serving journey - by searching for her biological mother named, Ncane Nxamagela.

Nomusa's strong faith in God has kept her going all these dark years, as she sadly revealed that she doesn't have a lot of moments of joy and happiness from her entire life.

Although her mother passed away in the year 2002, Nomusa Nxumalo reconnected with her mother's sister instead. Which served as a bitter - sweet ending. 

Main Image Credit:Facebook/@khumbulekhaya
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