eTV Scandal: Boniswa Sinks Her Claws On Mamba

She has bagged her coins

By  | Jun 26, 2021, 02:03 PM  | Lusanda Mbane 

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 What started as an undercover job to nail and expose Mamba (played by Simo Magwaza) has turned into a full blast romance. Marriage to be exact.
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Master of trickery Boniswa Langa (played by Lusanda Mbane) has managed to bag the biggest bag of her life through Mamba.

Mamba first fell for Boniswa when she posed as a maid in his house. This was done in conjunction with her daughter Xolile (played by Sive Mabuya) and they were hoping to uncover some skeletons in his mansion that would somehow point to Mamba being responsible for Romeo’s disappearance

Instead of investigating Mamba, Boniswa started spending a whole lot of time impressing the boss that was clearly smitten with her at the time. She enjoyed the attention so she did not stop it. Her investigation took a backseat. 

Her price-charming was close to risking it all in his marriage for the hard-working “Lizzy” when he found out that Lizzy has been lying to him all along. She was not a poor maid that needed to make ends meet, she was a business owner and a boarding school owner. She’s loaded meaning they are at the same level of living well at least it seems.

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For a second, we thought Mamba was never going to fall back into the lion’s den but he did. Boniswa warmed her way back into life and he allowed it. She used his daughter and it worked. They got close and he started trusting her.

She soon convinced him to join politics and take care of the community by changing the narrative that people have of him. Show them a different side and just like that, he was sucked into her scheming ways. She now makes suggestions and often times tells him what to do. This isn’t just politically, she even has a say when it comes to his kids. Like how Bons, how did you pull that off? 

Once again, while we were still digesting how gullible he was, she “suggested” that they get married so that he can get the support of the women in Soweto because they take him as a womaniser. In her pleading speech for the marriage to take place, Boniswa said he needs a strong woman that will show that he is a committed man and does not play around. He agreed to it and now they are hitched.

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In a small intimate wedding that only had Mamba’s family and friends (Okay maybe saying that the people he lives with in the house sounds better because he excluded his other kids from the wedding), Boniswa was pronounced Mrs Mamba. Boniswa has family and friends but we assume because of the reason the marriage was carried under, she did not invite any of them. 

Her kids had to find this out on social media. Needless to say, they were shocked to learn that she got married to Mamba and did not even bother to inform them. They confronted her and you can guess how she reacted. She is Boniswa Mamba after all.

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The cherry on top though is that for Boniswa this may be real because it seems she truly fancies Mamba. For her, this has nothing to do with garnering female support and making him liable to the women of Soweto. She really is there for love. 

Do you think Mamba is also in love with Boniswa?

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