Hungani Ndlovu Misses The Mark

Is this the end of it all?

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Actor and dancer Hungani Ndlovu, best known for his roles in Memoir of an Honest Voice and Scandal has become one of Mzansi's favorite personalities mostly because of his acting.

From the time Hungani appeared on our screens to declaring his love for his now-wife, Stephanie, he's always managed to capture everybody's attention. However, there are times when he's trended for the wrong reasons and things didn't end well for him. Remember when he was seen without his wedding ring and when he and Stephanie decided to share a little too much about their bedroom affairs?

Despite everything that's transpired, today's a big day for Hungani as he celebrates his 27th birthday. Here's a look at the many times he had many people talking about him.

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Hungani makes a huge comeback

Ever since Hungani left Scandal, his fans have been wondering when he was going to make a comeback on the screen. Well, the wait is finally over as Hungani revealed the news that his project that he's been working on is almost here and he can't to share more information.

Ndlovu had been working on a new film that is set to change the South African film landscape. The movie is titled Ring of Beasts and the actor worked with filmmaker Adriano Miguel on the project.

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Hungani and Stephanie throw in the towel?

From the time Hungani and Stephanie confirmed that they were a couple there have always been high expectations from them to keep serving couple goals as many were always routing for them.

Now that the couple finally tied the knot, the expectations have even become much higher making the couple feel like they have to walk on eggs shells so that they please everyone. But that's not how life works.

Hungani and Stephanie opened up about the time they thought it was the end of the road for them.

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Hungani gets dumped?

When Hungani Ndlovu was first introduced to the character of Romeo Medupe in Scandal!, he was a troubled, intellectually gifted heir to the Newtonian. However, in his tenure, he has become a father, a husband, and a beloved character who will do anything to ensure that his family is taken care of.

What then came as a shock to many that had grown to love Romeo, was that he had been fired from Scandal. Although the rumors were quickly dismissed by the production team, they arose again when the actor took a sabbatical from the soapie.

So what really happened?

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Hungani loses his wedding ring? 

Hungani Ndlovu came under a lot of fire from his followers who noticed that he was not regularly wearing his wedding ring. As a newlywed, this left many wondering what he was up to as he did not have his ring all the time.

A troll decided to overlook the important message that was relayed in the post by the actor. The comment suggested that there was already trouble in paradise and Hungani had gotten rid of his wedding ring.

An Instagram follower commented: "You have removed the ring already."

Here's how Hungani responded here.

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Hungani opens up about his ex

Hungani Ndlovu opened up about his experience as a domestic abuse survivor. He was vocal about the abuse which he suffered at the hands of his then-girlfriend back in 2015, whilst he was living in Los Angeles. 

He revealed that the woman he was dating would often get physical especially during the last six months of their relationship. They were together for a year and six months.

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Is Hungani Ndlovu moving to America?

Taking to his Instagram Live, the producer and writer of the hit sitcom Black-ish, Kenya Barris spoke highly of Hungani's talent and revealed he would love to include him as the cast of Black-ish's next season.

"I did some research on this young man and I was touched. The fact that he graduated from acting in Flii’Cademy in Los Angeles made him a star. And his work lately proves that he is the greatest because he is killing his role on Scandal!" said the producer.

So did he get the job?

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