Mobi Dixon Loses Work From His Upcoming Album In A Robbery

The musician shared the news on social media yesterday.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Mobi Dixon 

Mobi Dixon's dream of treating Mzansi with his upcoming album was cut short this week after he was allegedly involved in a car robbery. The hit-maker took to twitter to open up about the tragic incident

In a tweet, he said nobody was hurt during the robbery but he lost some of his valuables including work for his upcoming album. This offering would have been the first one since the passing of House vocalist - Nichume Siwundla who died last year after committing suicide.

Mobi Dixon was blamed for the death of the singer when allegations of neglecting and mistreating the singer were levelled against him. Mobi then decided to take a break from social and focus on making music but fast forward to 20plenty he is back to square one.

Mobi said he is still trying to make peace with losing his work" Got robbed on Samrand off-ramp! Thank God nobody was hurt but unfortunately, amongst other valuables my hard drive with data files of my upcoming album was stolen," he tweeted.

The musician did not mention who he was travelling with or if he has opened a case against the perpetrators.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram