Natasha Thahane Wishes Nozuko Ntshangase A Speedy Recovery

It appears that the actress hasn't been feeling well lately

By  | Mar 29, 2022, 04:30 PM 

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First time mommy-to-be Natasha Thahane has taken to her Instagram stories, to wish her friend Nozuko Ntshangase a speedy recovery. It appears that Nozuko hasn't been feeling well lately as Mvelo Makhanya shared an Instagram story of herself with the actress which left us worrying about her health.

Taking to her Instagram stories Natasha shared a picture of them together with the caption "Get well soon God mother." Natasha is currently expecting her first child with her boyfriend Lorch and it's great that she has decided to give the role of "Godmother" to the actress. We wish Natasha the best.
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Mvelo Makhanya also shared a picture of them together with the caption "I love you.”
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Nozuko has been open about her battle with depression. She recently opened up about the many times she attempted to end her life.

Taking to her YouTube channel, Nozuko talked about her former life as a drug addict and troubled teenager who attempted suicide in order to get away from her problems.

The first time was when she was 16 years old and she had overdosed on allergex pills.“I think I was depressed from adolescent stage I think. I've never been to the doctor to tell me that I have depression. I started being suicidal I remember I was 16. I remember the first time I tried to kill myself I remember I was scared, I did not want to die but I remember I used pills, we had a lot of allergex pills. I drank pills and I don't remember being sick. I remember being drowsy, I remember oversleeping but I never went to the hospital,” she said.

During the second encounter, she said she was 17 years old and had lost her friend and fought with her mother. She said her emotions were extremely high and she went to the bathroom after her mother left the house for work and drank paraffin.

Because she still wants to have children, Nozuko said she was thankful that none of her organs were permanently damaged.

The third time 24-year-old Nozuko was in a toxic relationship, "the third time I was 24 and drank Allergex again. I remember the person I was dating came to my place and got rid of the pills. We had a serious talk about it but things got worse because I was in a toxic relationship, and my depression sky rocketed” she said.

But in that toxic relationship she said she is thankful that she never committed suicide because she was stronger.

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