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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM 

Finances can be a problem. But worry not; we are bringing to you Ivy League courses that you can take right now, online for FREE. So, it isn’t really an excuse not having money, school is free.  And at times like these, you might find it helpful to study as you quarantine and self-isolate.  

In South Africa, we have two sets of artists, those with formal education and those who hold degrees from the university of life. It is never a bad thing to have both. 


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It isn’t a surprise that our superstar is at the top of the list. With the recent incident which occurred, a lot of people were only uttering negative remarks. Well, that is something he is used to when it comes to his fans and social media but, what are the measures to limit it? 

We suggest that AKA enrols for Moralities Of Everyday Life from Yale University, there are a lot of benefits for having great morals on an everyday basis. For starters, knowing not to jump off to people from stage, they will move, dragging your ex partners on social media or insulting someone's parents, basic things like that.

Nasty C

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King of the Jungle has caused a societal stir ever since his come up. He has made a huge impact in different societies and that alone is something to praise. Nasty C has introduced a new wave of cool, which makes people rather express themselves without fail in their respected fields of art.

The S.M.A hit-maker would be extremely powerful in the industry of Social Impact Strategy, as he has already started with the process of impact, he'd surely be a great student for this field at University of Pennsylvania

Cassper Nyovest

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Oh well, the name is self-explanatory. He is known to be a businesses man before anything else, if there is something else. After social media made a mockery out of his academic qualifications, which are nonexistent — Cassper went on to work twice as hard to be the person he is today.

Regardless of his current net worth, we suggest that Cassper takes a course on Financial Engineering from Columbia University. He is indeed the fill up king but we would also want to see him to fill up his wall with qualifications.

Which artists would you like to see take a free course?

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