#OPW highlights: Viewers outraged by rude uncle

The bride's uncle touched a lot of people in their studio with his wedding speech

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

Our Perfect Wedding

It is true that you can't choose the family that you wore born in because if you did, you probably would've been able to avoid a lot of family members you do not vibe with.

This past Sunday, Nomsa and the OPW crew introduced us to Ella & Lucas' as they celebrated their matrimony as Mr & Mrs Mokoena.

The Mokoena's celebrated their perfect traditional wedding surrounded by close friends and family, but one family member who unfortunately left a sour taste in everyone's mouth was Ella's uncle.

Although as expected, the process of planning the wedding was confronted with a lot of obstacles that the couple had to overcome but one issue the couple did not expect to be confronted with was the unflattering message that was delivered by the uncle.


The uncle shocked a lot of guests and viewers with his wedding speech to the bride and groom. Some might've interpreted this speech as tough love but other viewers found the speech to be rather rude and embarrassing to Ella especially.

As expected, viewers voiced their opinion about the wedding speech via their social media platforms and it was clear that the uncle's speech was one part of the wedding that was not needed.

"I have heard truly awful wedding speeches and ukuyalwa directed at brides but today's speech by the bride's uncle was so horrible. I felt so sad for the poor bride. Hayi ubuthwele ubumzima shame." Tweeted one viewer.

Whilst another viewer said that they would immediately remove anyone who came to their wedding with a dreadful speech.

"I will honestly personally remove anyone from the mic who says a horrible speech at a wedding I’m attending. What a trash uncle gross."

One other viewer also lamented at how angry she became because of the way the uncle handled himself and wondered if he was even needed at the wedding.

Hopefully, the uncle watched this episode and realised that his words were below the belt and has made means to apologise to the bride, groom and the entire Mokoena family.

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